New Year, New Connections

It’s been a minute.

Or 1 year, 2 months, and 25 days, to be exact.

When we last connected, the world (for women in particular) was a different place: Hillary was still a serious contender as a changemaker of our country, and Donald was just a not-yet-realized nightmare.  But I digress.

What remains the same is that we stand behind our vision in creating an encouraging space for extraordinary women to connect, now more than ever.  That there is value in bringing together women who otherwise may not have met.

Like Kirsten, with whom I connected in the New Year, and whose email touched me and reminded of the extraordinary warmth and intimacy of our incredible climbing community, locally and globally:


I read your article both before and after embarking on a solo climbing trip to Spain.  Some of the bravery I mustered was from your article, so I would like to start with my thanks and appreciation.  So now, I have the climbing travel bug.  Going to Spain by myself was the best decision I’ve made so far in this life, and now have the itch for more. In my travels I found this amazing climbing hostel in El Chorro, Spain.  I met many other international climbers traveling solo, and felt and instant connection, an instant family, an instant community.  It was wonderful to have a genuine connection with another person over dinner or breakfast, and then figure out where to go climbing the next day…

Thank you Kirsten, and I hope you all have an amazing 2018!




Taking Back the ‘Babe’ in Bouldering Babes

Words are our most powerful means of communication, and what they mean sometimes require additional context and clarification.

When we started Bouldering Babes nearly two years ago, it certainly occurred to us that we might be misconstrued as ‘a sexy diversion from proper climbers.’ 

But we were so deeply entrenched in our ethos of empowering women through climbing, that we nearly forgot that misunderstanding would be inevitable.

Bouldering Babes takes back the view that ‘climb like a girl’ means anything but awesome, mighty, strong,  and a force to be reckoned with.

Bouldering Babes is about owning our strength and athleticism as women climbers as much as it is our femininity; it is a play on and parody of the word ‘babe,’ which has generally been used in a diminutive and diminished way when referring to women.

We stand behind our vision in creating an encouraging space for extraordinary women to connect. That there is value in bringing together women who otherwise may not have met.

So climb on, ladies! Let’s do this.

Climbing Towards Progress in Cambodia

It’s another balmy day in Siem Reap, and my tuk-tuk driver races down the tree-lined roads from Angkor Wat leading back into town.  We turn down a dusty road, and pass by street food vendors, and lines of colorful clothes held up by old, wooden clothespins before slowing down in front of a modestly-sized outdoor climbing wall.  The big broad smiles, and ACN-emblazened neon green t-shirts the kids are wearing tell me that the volunteer staff of Angkor Climbers Net have just held another successful Angkor Climber’s Cup.


Multi-colored panels of plywood adorned with quickdraws for leading and holds of varying shapes and sizes soar above the children.  Sem Rom, Cambodia’s first climber, playfully teases the young girls who are climbing for the first time, and explains how to tie a figure eight knot in their native Khmer language.  They squeal with delight as they ascend, and celebrate and cheer in unison as each one makes it to the top.  They ask to climb again, their faces more radiant and enthusiastic, and their laughs more contagious than before.


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London Ladies Social | 15th October, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

VauxWall Climbing will be hosting an exclusive Bouldering Babes Climbing Girls Run The World Tour! event – where extraordinary women create an encouraging space to connect with one another, and have a kick-ass time keeping fit!



This is an exclusive use closed event. You will have the entire centre to yourself along with like minded climbers.

Places are limited and to guarantee yours please book by clicking here

Price: £25 (incl. entry fee)

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Girl Crush: An Interview with Sarah Hay

Every so often, we’ll interview extraordinary girls doing extraordinary things: this is Girl Crush.  This week, we’re stoked to profile Auckland-based athlete Sarah Hay, who recently competed and crushed at the first two New Zealand National Climbing and Bouldering Competitions of the series.



“Climbing has also taken me to places and countries I’d never otherwise have thought to visit and I’m lucky enough to have parents who live in Queenstown which is gorgeous and close to so much great rock.

-Sarah Hay | Climbing Athlete

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Bouldering Babes Bootcamp | Live in NYC 6/18 & 6/19!

Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge will be hosting an exclusive Bouldering Babes Bootcamp – where extraordinary women create an encouraging space to connect withone another, and have a kick-ass time keeping fit!


Join experienced female instructors Jeanne Fu and Joy Chen for two days of high energy and holistic fitness designed for women, by women. We’ll integrate female-focused bouldering techniques with high intensity interval training, core conditioning, and yoga.

We love climbing with hip flexibility, flawless footwork, strong core work, mobility, and balance to create fluidity with the wall, so there will be some of that. We hate injuries, so there will be none of that!

Bouldering Babes Bootcamp is all about taking women from ‘I can’t’ – which affects everything in her life, and how she relates to the world – to feeling 100% empowered.

Babies and Boulders: A Personal Essay by Kristin Re

Kristin is a mother to a super rad 3-year-old, an alternative high school and local community college teacher, doctoral candidate, and entrepreneur.

An active member of the rock climbing community in the northeastern United States, she is extremely devoted to the empowerment of women through climbing, and teaches ladies technique clinics at climbing gyms in Rhode Island.

I began climbing in 2011, nurturing my newfound obsession as the spring and summer gave way to the crisp air that provided the best friction. That fall, I went on my first real climbing trip to the Red River Gorge, led my first 5.11, and began working my first V4. Then, my intuition told me something was wrong; I took a pregnancy test before going to the gym one night, and my fear became a reality.

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Gear Talk with Our Badass BFFs: Dynamite Starfish

This edition of Gear Talk – girls talking gear and all things awesome – features Dynamite Starfish, a Los Angeles-based climbing lifestyle brand that designs tees and tanks inspired by places that are near and dear to any California climber’s heart.


We love that each shirt is screen printed with water-based inks to keep the environment in mind, and in colors and cuts that are comfy and flattering.

We sat down with founder, artist and designer Leslie Sam Kim, to talk shop.


We’re so much more than just another t-shirt company. From the design to the printing technique, Dynamite Starfish creates tees that bring awareness to the outdoors in a fun and cheeky way. They remind us of the classic crags we’ve grown to love, and encourage us to explore the places we have yet to see.

-Leslie Sam Kim | Founder, Dynamite Starfish

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Destination Climbing: Laos

Hidden in a small valley which ends in the backside of the beautiful Xiengliab Cave lies a climbing area called “Pha Tam Kam”, 12 km outside of Thakhek, Laos.


The climbing is wild and jungly, and there are over 280 routes, 12m to 40m long, with tufas, sintering and face climbing ranging from 4 to 8a+ . The ginormous roof climbs (starting at 6b+) are particularly fun and challenging to get on.

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