Bouldering Babes Climbing Girls Run the World Tour!

Amman | Athens | Auckland | Banff | Brooklyn | Chicago | Denver | London | Long Island City | Minneapolis | Mountain ViewNew Haven | Providence | Siem Reap | Sydney

We’re stoked to kick off Bouldering Babes Climbing Girls Run the World Tour, coming to a climbing gym near you!

Photo by Eric McCoy

Bouldering Babes will be traveling to local climbing gyms all over the world teaching female-focused bouldering clinics.  We love climbing with strong core work, flexible hips,  and delicate, balancey footwork to create fluidity with the wall, so there will be some of that.  We hate injuries, so there will be none of that.

Our goal is to connect with the female climbing community on a global scale and help the women’s climbing movement gain exposure.  Our first event in Chicago was a big hit and we’re planning to teach more Women’s Climbing Clinics across the globe, from Banff to Brooklyn!

Photo by Asha Agnishwpid-img_6108.jpg

Check out our schedule and check in often for updated destinations and dates!


May 2016: Banff, Canada @ Banff Centre

June 2016: Long Island City @ Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge

October 2016: London, United Kingdom @ VauxWall Climbing

December 2016: Brooklyn, New York @ Brooklyn BouldersIMG_20150830_233906

Previous clinics (Fall/Winter 2015/2016):

Sunday 8/30: Thornton, Colorado with badass Bouldering Babe Athlete Kathy Karlo @ Rock’n & Jam’n, 5pm-6:30pm  

Sunday 9/6: Chicago, Illinois @ Brooklyn Boulders Chicago, 6pm-7:30pm

Wednesday 9/23: Minneapolis, Minnesota @ Midwest Mountaineering, 6:30-8pm

Saturday 9/26: Lincoln, Rhode Island with badass Bouldering Babe Athlete Kristin Re @ Rock Spot Climbing

Sunday 10/11: Athens, Greece @ Rockway Climbing, 5pm-6:30pm

Sunday 10/25: New Haven, Connecticut with badass Bouldering Babe Athlete Natasha Marrouch @ City Climb Gym

Monday 11/2: Mountain View, California

Sunday 11/22: Amman, Jordan @ Climbat Amman

Saturday 12/19: Siem Reap, Cambodia @ Angkor Climbing Wall

Tuesday 2/16: Sydney, Australia @ 9 Degrees

Wednesday 2/24: Auckland, New Zealand @ Extreme Edge Panmure

Sunday 2/28: Sydney, Australia @ Climb Fit

Wednesday 3/2: Sydney, Australia @ 9 Degrees

Climb on, #ladycrushers!

Girls! We run this motha, yeah!

-Beyonce, “Run the World (Girls)”

Bouldering Babes