Ladies’ Bouldering Retreat

A couple of years ago, my climbing partner Lori and I escaped New York’s wicked winter weather to soak in some Caribbean sun and rum, and climb some of the British Virgin Island’s most spectacular boulders:


During our five-day stint on the island, we established a handful of routes, which may or may not be first ascents (it’s hard to tell what’s been climbed and what’s truly a ‘virgin’ route because chalk tends to get weathered down by sun, sand, and salt water).  Lori awesomely posted the majority of these on Mountain Project:

Rubik’s Cube (v0)

Devil’s Bay Trail Traverse (v1)

Devil’s Bay Trail Traverse (full shot)

Don’t Fall on Your Honeymoon (v1)

We even managed to put up a v3 route, One Legged Push-up, bring home a nearly full bottle of Cruzan coconut rum, and rock Caribbean tans minus the sunburn.

This marked our second girls’ rockout together, and I plan on many more badass bouldering babe adventures!


There’s nothing like a bouldering babe bootcamp at the beach to melt away one’s winter woes, especially on an icestorm day like today where one is getting pelted in the face with hail 🙂

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