Outdoor Climbing Etiquette by Kevin Liu

Climbing season is in full bloom all over the country, and we’re excited to kick off our first guest post with five helpful tips from evolv athlete Kevin Liu for taking care of the great outdoors when climbing outside:


Leave no trace

Bring a plastic bag for garbage. One of my biggest pet peeves that I see outdoors are those climbing tape balls – you know the ones that are the perfect mold to someone’s finger 🙂

Brush brush brush!

Brush the chalk off of whatever climb you were working on after you are done with it. The rain will come, and the chalk with run and stain the face. The chalk will also absorb moisture, which could result in mold building up on the hold and inevitably cause the rock to be slick. Leaving chalk up is like taping a climb outside, and no one likes a beta bomb.

Be aware of your surroundings

Don’t stray off of the trail, and respect the boulders in their natural habitat. Mother Nature is a lady of time and patience, and it has taken her a long time to grow what ever fungus might be on the back of that boulder.

Be mindful of where you go (to the bathroom)

Always try to pee closest to a tree, and furthest from moving water. As for #2, dig a hole – a generous one – do your business, and cover it up. (Pro tip: pack the dirt that you used to cover up the hole well; animals will get curious and eat it, and humans might roll their ankle in it).

-Enjoy the great outdoors!

‘Nuff said.

Kevin Liu | Your average rock climbing outdoor lover

Girl Crush: An Interview with Natalie Siddique

Every so often, we’ll interview extraordinary girls doing extraordinary things: this is Girl Crush.  This week, we’re thrilled to have caught up with bouldering babe and female entrepreneur Natalie Siddique right before she headed off to the Valley to get her climb on!

Natalie Siddique

is a Russian-Bangladeshi climber, traveler, shenanigan-seeker, and co-founder oMoja Gear. She’s explored over 25 countries and 48 states, lived in both Russia and Bangladesh, and has found her happy place in California. Natalie’s ideal days involve early morning sunrises, crimping on small nobs, playing a round of Settlers of Catan, and drinking an IPA.

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Girl Crush: An Interview with Allison Ong

Every so often, we’ll interview extraordinary girls doing extraordinary things: this is Girl Crush.  This week, we’re totally stoked to have caught up with badass par excellence Allison Ong (en route to Yosemite, no less)!

Alison on Inti Watana (5.10c), Red Rock

Alison on Inti Watana (5.10c), Red Rock

I first met Allison during my climbcation to Vietnam, where she was working as a rock climbing guide on Cat Ba island a few years ago.  Allison has lived and climbed all over the world, from New York to Tokyo to a Subaru Outback across the United States.

Allison currently resides in East Palo Alto, CA, where she interns for a landscape architecture firm, and route sets at her local gym.  She considers herself a 5.10 trad climber, and some of her favorite ascents include: Liberty Cap & Half Dome, Yosemite; the Mont Blanc, France/Italy; Levitation 29!, Red Rock; Modern Times, The Gunks! (that roof is intimidating!!); and The Face, Vietnam.

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Learn to Climb Like a Pro

This week’s edition of BB features some bouldering beta from pro climber Kevin Liu.  Kevin is General Manager of Steep Rock Bouldering, and a sponsored evolv climber.


Kevin Liu crushing v8 @ Steep Rock Bouldering

Whether you’re an advanced or beginner boulderer, these five tips will keep you bouldering safe and strong:

-Stretching and warming up properly are key to preventing injury. When stretching the fingers,  make sure to pull down on the palms of your hands so that you’re stretching the forearm tendons, rather than pulling on the actual fingers,  which may cause them to hyperextend.

-Warm up slowly on easy climbs (v0’s) with your hips wide open, instead of using advanced techniques (e.g. knee dropping, twisting, high stepping,  etc.) This will help to open up your hip joints and muscles.

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