Bouldering Babes Presents: Female Empowerment Rock Climbing Course

Discover your inner adventuress and badass through this butt-kicking, confidence, and strength building 6-Week Female Empowerment Rock Climbing Course! Never climbed before?  No upper body strength?  No problem!

Have you ever heard that ‘I can’t‘ voice inside your head – you know, the one that tells you ‘it’s too difficult,’ ‘I’m not strong enough,’ ‘I can’t do this‘?

Change those voices from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I CAN!’ and join a community of women who empower themselves and each other through rock climbing:

Rock climbing was my gamechanger; it became my metaphor for female empowerment: taking on the impossible, tackling my fears, and overcoming that ‘I can’t’ voice in my head and kicking its butt.  Rock climbing took me to new heights, gave me the confidence I needed to believe I CAN, and I’ve never looked back.

Jeanne Fu | Founder,

I CAN do this.  I CAN be strong.

I CAN do this. I CAN be strong.

Our Bouldering Babes Bootcamp for Beginners is ideal for women new to the sport – whether you’re a fitness warrior or total newbie. B³ for Beginners is more than just Climbing 101!  In addition to learning Bouldering and Top Rope Basics and Movement, you’ll empower yourself and each other to:

  • tackle your fears, including fear of heights and falling
  • break down mental and physical barriers
  • soar to new heights
  • overcome the ‘I can’t‘ voice in your head
  • create the body and lifestyle you LOVE!


Convert your course to a Brooklyn Boulders membership, and we’ll waive the $99 initiation fee to join Brooklyn Boulders!

Weeks 1 & 2: BOULDERING BASICS Learn the lingo and the movement with Jeanne Fu!  In these 1-hour foundation classes, you’ll learn to climb safely and confidently, and confront your fear of heights, falling, and exposure.

She loves bouldering with female-focused hip movements, strong core work, and delicate, balancey footwork to create fluidity with the wall, so there will be some of that. She hates injuries, so there will be none of that.

Smearing up the overhanging wall

Weeks 3 & 4: ON BELAY! Harness your inner adventuress and learn the ropes and the nots of knots in Top Rope Basics aka Climbing 101!  These 1-hour classes focus on climbing safety and commands, challenging yourself to summit to the top in the face of fears and frustrations, teamwork, and trust building.

Toprope Basics will cover harnesses, knots, belaying with the GRIGRI, and of course falling. You’ll learn everything you need to know to scale a 50 ft. wall, and safely come off it, as well as pass the belay test.

Toprope Movement will give you essential techniques to progress quickly and with effortless effort. We focus on footwork, weight distribution, balance, and working with your center of gravity on the wall.


Weeks 5 & 6: CLIMB LIKE A PRO Work with Jeanne on core-strengthening, arm-toning techniques designed to progress your climbing quickly to reach your climbing and fitness goals!

Bouldering Movement will continue to build your confidence, power, and the body you love! These 1-hour classes will give you the skills & drills to climb harder and smarter. Get ready to crush self-doubts and create the most rewarding experience on the wall in the shortest amount of time.


About Bouldering Babes BB is lifestyle fitness: taking women from ‘I can’t’ – which affects everything in her life, and how she relates to the world – to feeling 100% empowered to transform their everyday lives.

BB was created by Jeanne, an avid adventurer, professional rock climbing instructor, experienced mountaineer, and fellow bouldering babe with a passion for rock, ice, and snow.

Jeanne has climbed extensively abroad, from the boulders of British Virgin Gorda to the mountains of Malaysia, Morocco, and Kenya.  She has taught rock climbing safety, basic and advanced techniques (e.g. belaying and lead climbing), and instructed private and semi-private clients of all ages and levels at Equinox since October 2012, and currently runs a weekly Women’s Bouldering Clinic in New York City.

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